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Aston Martin reveals details for new hypercar ‘Valkyrie’

High performance car manufacturer Aston Martin has unveiled the new performance statistics for its new hybrid powertrain Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie boasts a maximum power output of 1,160bhp @ 10,500rpm, and a peak combined torque of 900Nm at 6,000 rpm – with the naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 alone delivering a massive 1,000 bhp @ 10,500rpm.

With the first Valkyrie prototypes in build now, the engine evokes a spine-tingling, ultra-high-revving F1 engine of the 1990s, but benefits from two decades of progress in design, material and manufacturing expertise – and sets exceptional new standards for maximum rpm and weight.

With a certified peak power output of 1,000bhp (or 153.8 bhp-per-litre) at 10,500rpm, it can continue on to a maximum 11,100rpm. This is a world first for a naturally-aspirated, emissions-compliant road car.

These peak outputs are purely delivered by the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), with a further performance boost delivered by the Rimac and Integral Powertrain Ltd. battery hybrid system.

In the Aston Martin Valkyrie, where the design and engineering of each and every part has been approached with the meticulous ethos of Red Bull Advanced Technologies, out of its Formula 1 DNA for maximum efficiency and ultimate performance, many key components do more than one job.

The battery pack integrates all relevant sub-systems and serves as the carrier for the vehicle’s power electronics, while in addition to its Power Boost and Energy Recovery System functions, the E-Motor aids the mechanical performance of the gearbox. Aston Martin Valkyrie exemplifies intelligent engineering wherever you look.

Vice President & Special Vehicle Operations Officer, David King, said: “Aston Martin Valkyrie is set to be the ultimate hypercar in the automotive world and these performance figures underline that statement.

“Red Bull Advanced Technologies, Cosworth, Rimac, and Integral Powertrain Ltd. have been fantastic partners in the development of this powertrain, ensuring that we have already created a hybrid system that is emissions-compliant and ready to begin fitting to our first physical prototypes.

“I am, as I’m sure the rest of the world is, incredibly excited to see and hear the first of these cars on track.”

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