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Inside the operations of security services for the ultra high net worth community

The Executive Magazine takes a look into the fascinating world of high level security services for the rich and famous. We talk to Steven Carey, MD of Premier Security International to find out more.

When it comes to personal security, it always pays to get the best. Protecting yourself and your loved ones can be a daunting task, but by enlisting the help of a professional protection agency, it will give you one less thing to worry about.

A personal security agency will usually start by learning more about you, your needs, and any potential threats. They can assess a range of situations, and consult with you on the best protection solutions for you. When it comes to personal protection. close protection operatives (CPOs) are the most effective solution.

Some of the top close protection operatives (CPOs) have protected many of the most influential people on the planet, including members of the British Royal Family, UK Prime ministers, Embassies and prominent business figures. 

We discovered that many security operatives have decades of experience in the Military, Police Service and Private Security. They have spent their careers putting themselves at risk to protect others all over the world.

A premium security service comes at a cost. But this cost is always cheaper than losing priceless assets through theft, or even a worse case scenario involving threats to life. 

When selecting your personal security operatives, along with professionalism and discretion, it’s also important to complete criminal background checks and SIA certifications. 

Personal protection

When it comes to situational awareness the old British Military methodology of ‘absence of the normal and presence of the abnormal’ is a great example for security teams to follow whilst going about their daily duties. 

During an attack cycle, with any form of criminal there is always an aspect of reconnaissance that a good, well trained security team should be able to spot. Whether it’s an opportunist burglar or the threat of a large terrorist attack. 

Steven Carey, MD of Premier Security International tell us:

“I’ve been working in the Security Industry for the last 35 years and have extensive experience managing High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth security operations globally. 

“From the start of my career until now I have dedicated myself to providing an unrivalled client centric service. 

“At PSI our vision was to build a team of trustworthy, diligent and proactive security experts that can grow with us as a company, we will continue to learn and to strive to be the company that all security operatives want to work alongside.”

Premier Security International are specialists in security services for high and ultra high net worth individuals. They ensure that all of their Executive Protection Operatives are fully attuned with those they protect, and it’s vital that they gain an understanding of the specific risks to each of their clients and to effectively mitigate risks. 

PSI support an international network of security operatives. They operate at all times in a low-key, unobtrusive manner, working alongside clients with full discretion and diligence. They provide close protection operatives, former military and retired police officers that are unassuming, polite and calm under pressure. 

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