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Introducing the Armillion luxury bracelet that can make £1m contactless payments

Traditional contactless payments are limited to just £30, but the ceramic carbon-coated bangle allows you to make larger purchases, along with a host of other hi-tech features. The Executive Magazine takes a look.

Wearable technology just got luxurious. The Armillion bracelet is a high quality, strictly limited wrist band that links to the user’s Mastercard. You set the spending limit up to £1,000,000, and tap to make a payment. The elegant technology makes completing larger purchases easier than ever before, and infinitely more stylish. Protection is provided via high-end encryption and secure pin code activation. It never needs to be charged, and is fully waterproof.

The concept was borne out of a combination of cutting-edge technology with Swiss ingenuity and watchmaking design, creating a truly unique statement piece.

The built-in wireless technology can also be programmed to perform a host of other handy features, including unlocking your favourite supercar. Armillion can match the frequency of any modern car, your home security system, and even NFC activated locks. You may never need your keys or wallet ever again. The company is also partnering up with the Four Seasons hotel chain, working on an automated checking in process that will allow you to unlock your hotel room door with just a tap. The potential is limitless – the future of the tech could see boarding pass features, secure computer login, office access and so on.

Access to the exclusive Armillion lifestyle concierge service is also included, and promises unsurpassed experiences for its members. They can help you find a superyacht in the south of France, or a table at the most exclusive restaurant in New York.

Available in a range of finishes including rose gold and even diamond encrusted adornments, our favourite is the Grade 5 Titanium option, which looks sophisticated and suitable for most outfits and occasions. The Armillion starts at £38,130. Each edition of the bracelet is limited to ten pieces worldwide.

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