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Plane-hailing ‘Uber of the skies’ app raises $10m to make chartering private planes easy

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The Executive reports on what could be an exciting development in making the chartering of private flights easier and more accessible. 

Chartering private jets could soon become as simple as ordering an Uber as BlackBird, a start-up often dubbed as the ‘Uber for planes’ announced that it has secured $10m.

The funding comes from venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates, with the start-up arguing the investment will help to make flying as convenient and affordable as driving

BlackBird’s aim is to allow passengers to book passage on a flight through its app, much like ordering an Uber, linking passengers with pilots to travel distances of 50 to 500 miles. 

The start-up launches back in 2016 and could offer passengers the option to ‘carpool’ with others heading to the same destination, thus splitting the cost, or charter a private flight.

For a privately chartered flight, it could cost passengers roughly $1,100 to fly from Oakland, CA to Las Vegas, NV. 

The company currently has over 2,500 registered pilots on its service and over 100,000 active monthly users. 

BlackBird are not the only company to float the idea, with Uber back in 2017 proposing a possible flying taxi service:

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