Welcome to the most expensive hotel room in the world

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The Executive Magazine takes a look at the recently renovated $100,000 per night Damien Hirst designed 2-story sky villa

The Empathy Suite is perched atop the famed Palms Casino Resort, located just off the Las Vegas Strip, and offers unrivalled luxury at an unrivalled price. Costing $100,000 per night with a minimum stay of 2 nights, the 9,000 square foot villa has been designed by renowned modern artist Damien Hirst, with his unique pieces and installations appearing throughout.

The huge open plan space has just 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but can comfortably entertain 52 guests with it’s central bar, game room, media centre, luxurious gym with massage chairs, and the outdoor terrace with pool overlooking the Vegas Boulevard. The dining room seats 8, but the dedicated 24-hour concierge service can help accommodate many more if required.

Guests of the exclusive launch party were treated to spectacular panoramic views from the high floor to ceiling windows. Hosted by Damien Hirst, VIP guests included celebrities and business powerhouses alike, who were stunned by the immaculately presented residence.

The Empathy Suite upgrade is part of a $700m renovation of the Palms, which has seen a complete remodelling, bringing the resort back in line with the competition, but exuding triumphant confidence with it’s unique selling point – the most expensive hotel room in the world.

Other perks to hiring to suite include $10,000 hotel credit, dedicated butlers, concierge, chauffeurs and staff to cater for guests’ every need. Access is granted for free to any poker player with a million dollars in poker credit at the casino.

Hirst worked in close collaboration with New York firm Bentel & Bentel Architects to create the truly unique space, with features including sharks suspended in formaldehyde, a glass cabinet filled with diamonds a quirky graphics throughout.

There are 5 other sky villas at the hotel, ranging from $25,000 to $50,000, each with their own unique decedent and luxurious style and designed to meet every taste and expectation from discerning guests.

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